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Welcome to the Cafe RPG Wiki!

This game was inspired by a mini-forum from the game Transformice ! Transformice is a popular mmo platformer made by Tigrounette.

Welcome to the world of Cafe, a place where flamewars and disagreements are mandatory. Fight your way through fearsome foes, cringy crusaders, and the people who just want to be nice. (We can't let them.) This action-packed game is filled with amazing 2D graphics like you've never seen before, and an engaging story that only a toddler could tell. Are you ready to join cafe? Play this accurate experience to find out.

About the game...

This is an official wikia dedicated to the upcoming Cafe RPG game, a game taking place the world of cafer. Join the adventure, be a part of the cafe world, and make your own story! Stay tuned about more information about the game!

The Game is still in construction.

How to earn Cafe Dollars

Cafe Dollars are the currency taken place in Cafe RPG. To earn Cafe Dollars, you can sell loot, do quests, win fights or even find them in treasure chests / dungeons!

Remember to interact with things that look like they can be looted, you never know what is going to happen!

About lvls/levels

Experience helps you level up like in basically every game. You can earn experience by doing tasks / quests, or winning fights. Some quests require a certain lvl to accept them. After each level, your stats increase too.

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